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AET Displays Limited
AET is the expert of the fine pitch LED displays. All of AET's products are called the fine pitch LED displays, whose 
pixel pitch is lower than 2.5mm.
  • Technical Specification of AOB


    Technical Specification of AOB,waterproof, dust-proof & Anti-fallingIn the field of indoor small pixel pitch LED display, SMD display is produced by SMT technology, packed by CHIP or TOP encapsulation, and COB display is produced by COB encapsulation technology. However, the SMD display has become Read More

  • AET is following with the “5G+4K" events


    AET is following with the “5G+4K" events Read More

  • There is a new way for doing wonderful presentation


    You are so special that I cannt wait any more to use.ASimple work needs long time practice.Such as a good PowerPointneeds a good display to show.According to a news, someonewas dismissed because he could not know how to make PowerPoint It was funny, but it was true. PowerPoint is a very important t Read More

  • Creating value of product application with reducing tolerance


    With the development and the huge change of AET Displays Limited, it is necessary that AET becomes an innovation-type company. Also, this is the key that helps company to increase its efficiency. The team was established at 2013. After then, it became an enterprise at 2017 and changed its name to AE Read More

  • iNira - Large Displays with touch capability


    It is not a slogan that people advocate efficiency in the enterprise. Normally, many important decisions, task distribution and results are made at meeting room. In case, the effectiveness of the meeting depends on every detail.For example,1. Employees need to clear the whiteboard and prepare pens a Read More

  • AET Displays Limited


    AET Displays Limited is a high-tech enterprise that integrates design, R&D, production, sales and service of LED display application industry. Read More

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