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iNira - Large Displays with touch capability

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It is not a slogan that people advocate efficiency in the enterprise. Normally, many important decisions, task distribution and results are made at meeting room. In case, the effectiveness of the meeting depends on every detail.

For example,

      1. Employees need to clear the whiteboard and prepare pens and paper.

      2. Need to bring their personal compute and copy their data.

      3. Also need someone to adjust the equipment likes projector or close off the lamp.

These are all becoming wastes when we start a meeting.

Employees do not want to get bad experience after their arrangement. They do not want to get a drink to keep their attention on the dark meeting environment. People want to see more and clear information on the screen. Also, they do not want to keep writing note or using their phone to take photos at the meeting.

In order to change these problems, AET creates a new product, named iNira, to improve the efficiency of meeting.

            1. Touch capability

It is able to 10 points touching with infrared. People can write at the same time with iNira.

2. IWB function

It is no necessary that prepare whiteboard, pens and paper again when using iNira. Because its  intelligent white board allow people to write down anything they want.

3. Video conference function

It is able to FHD remote video meeting and multi-party meeting.

4. Wireless screen

iNira is a complete product without any external cable. It can avoid messy cables when arrange the meeting.

5. Office App

iNira can download many office apps to help employees to make presentation.

6. Remote Control

Using remote control to switch on/off the iNira. Also, it can adjust brightness of iNira.

7. Multifunction interface

Equipped with HDMI, USB, RJ45 input, as well as built-in WIFI and Bluetooth. It is possible that uses wireless mouse to control iNira or show PPT with u disk.

8. Easy installation

It is no necessary that set up iNira with complicated steps. There are only three steps for using iNira with specification.

iNira can break the boundary and allow to experience a new vision in the meeting. Reducing the cost & communication errors, and also improving the impact of the environment on people.

iNira can also help company to create high-efficient meeting.

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