Technical Specification of AOB
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Technical Specification of AOB

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Technical Specification of AOB

waterproof, dust-proof & anti-falling

In the field of indoor small pixel pitch LED display, SMD display is produced by SMT technology, packed by CHIP or TOP encapsulation, and COB display is produced by COB encapsulation technology. However, the SMD display has become the mainstream of the market due to its good color uniformity, high consistency, mature technology, high yield as well as convenient to maintain. With a market share of 95%, it is widely used in occasions like meeting room, court, public security bureau, procuracy, controlling center, shopping mall, public construction, school and TV station and so on.

With the wide use and popularity of the application, lots of issues exist, such as not working light, dead light, light falling off, be vulnerable to cold wind, moisture, dust, scratch, strike and bump. Such problems are not acceptable by customers during the product inspection stage, which make it difficult to proceed the project and some may even turn to legal means to solve problems.

Compared with another LED display technology on the market, COB display could solve the above mentioned problems in the protective aspect, however, it has defects in light optical consistency and display plane consistency which was made no breakthroughs for years. Current method to this is to lower the requirement for brightness and produce on a large scale but at the expense of poor watching effect and redundant cost for spare parts. And these explain the reason why it has always taken less than 5% of the market share.

Given the above situations, led by Vice President Liang, cooperated with foreign glue material factory and nano coating machine factory for two years, three teams of AET, R&D, laboratory and processing team, have produced SMD small pixel pitch display of AOB with features like

Waterproof IPX7

Anti-scratch HRC 8 Level

6KG SMD Soldering Thrust Intensity

This, with the improved security to install and maintain, could in the essence solve light damage and failure due to bump and scratch during assembly as well as light malfunction due to moisture from air conditioner and water splash over time. Besides, this could reduce failure rate of light to 5PPM. Customers are no longer worried about the product inspection and users could use it freely, especially in major conference.

Anatomy map of AOB proposal is as below and we will illustrate the properties in 3 aspects


1. Physical Protective Property

     The physical protective property of AOB is realized by the underfill adhesive, an insulation material, which has similar bonding property like solder paste, which wraps the bottom of LED and could enhance the contacting strength between LED and PCB. Through testing, the soldering thrust intensity is 1kg, while our AOB product is 6kg that can resist some bump during assembly.

2. Chemical Protective Property

     The chemical protective property of AOB refers to a matte transparent protective layer wrapping the LED. LED is completely sealed in this layer, which is made by high polymer material through a Nano coating technology. In this way, moisture is blocked from the outer space and LED will run in good condition.

Besides, the hardness of the layer is HRC8 Level, hard enough to resist scratch on the screen.

3. New Discovery behind Protective Property

    Increased Viewing Angle: matte transparent protective layer is equivalent to add a lens on the cover of LED, increasing the viewing angle, which could reach 170°from 140°.

    Mixed Light Property: compared to area light, SMD device is more sensitive to particles due to its point light. AOB equals to add a piece of transparent glass in SMD LED, resulting in less particle sense after reflection. At the same time, it could lessen the moire effect as well as enhance the mixed light property.

   Consistent Black Screen: inconsistent PCB ink for SMD display and inconsistent surface for COB have always been problems for SMD display to be solved for years. Mask could solve inconsistent issue brought by PCB ink of SMD display, but at the same time lessen the viewing angle and has an uneven surface. However, AOB of our company could control the color, effectively solve inconsistent PCB ink issue and improve delivery efficiency even using different batch of PCB panel.

   Increased Contrast Ratio: Nano coating technology could control component of the material, increase blackness of the screen as well as the contrast ratio.



Appearance comparison: AOB encapsulation (left) with AOB (right) without AOB, patent mark


Meanwhile, we will arrange this process to be the last step of LED display production. Prior to this process, the SMD display has gone through two aging tests, including white balance for 72H of the panel at constant temperature and video aging for 24H of the whole screen so as to get rid of failures due to the production technology and defective components. LED failure rate could reduce to 5PPM protected backed by the AOB Nano coating technology. Therefore, wherever the screen, in salty moist temperature of southeast coastal areas, sand an dust condition of the northwest area, or indoor 16°with the air conditioner, it could run in good condition. And you dont have to keep your eyes on the screen all the time.

Our AOB display has already passed the testing of National Metrology Unit and the LED display has reached IPX7. The soldering horizontal thrust intensity of LED is 6kg, six times fastness of the solder paste welding. It is known that bump of LED may lead to bonding pad falling off, some may even wear out the PCB. Therefore, LED panel, based on the AOB technology, puts an end to the light damage, falling off, wearing out due to the bump and scratch while in assembly.

Apart from reliability and updated effect, LED display, based on the AOB technology, if there is any malfunction, could be maintained in our AOB workshop or by our professional engineers, which will not have any color difference after re-installation.




Table 1  Performance Comparison of COBGOBSMD DisplayAOB Display

SMD Display


Mixed Light Effect

Worst, strong granular sensation

Thin film could enhance mixed light   effect

Viewing Angle



Anti-moisture Protection

 No protection, LED could easily   malfunctioned.

All protective

Anti-dust Protection

 No protection, short out

All protective



Even better, less granular sensation



Easyprofessional engineer

Contrast Ratio


Improve 30%

Spare Part



Light Protection

No protection, vulnerable

Nano protectionHRC8 level

Light soldering horizontal   thrust intensity




AOB technology, based on SMD LED display, has not only inherited the advantage of easy maintenance of light, but also upgraded in all aspects, especially the display effect, anti-moisture and anti-dust protection. It can been seen from Table 1 that AOB could offset the SMD protective defect without making an influence on the premier supply chain as well as the cost efficiency. There is no doubt that the appearance of AOB provides a superior choice for indoor display solution and marks a milestone for the evolution for LED display.




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