Creating value of product application with reducing tolerance
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Creating value of product application with reducing tolerance

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With the development and the huge change of AET Displays Limited, it is necessary that AET becomes an innovation-type company. Also, this is the key that helps company to increase its efficiency.


The team was established at 2013. After then, it became an enterprise at 2017 and changed its name to AET Displays Limited. AET is a LED displays manufacturer and service provider, which faces to global market and plays attention to the fine pitch LED displays.


AET’s business volume was over two hundred million at 2018. At the same time, AET got aseries of awards, including “Top 3 of the fine pitch LED displays brand winner”,“Top 10 of the best LED displays case study winner” and so forth.


The company has passed the quality management system and environment management system. Meanwhile, the products also are passed the authentication, including CE, RoHS, ETL, EMC and so on.

AET focus on the innovation of cabinet design, in order to decrease tolerance when we set up the LED displays. There are many tolerances, which includes irregularframe. As the LED displays set up higher, the cumulative tolerances get larger.

It is wasting time and cost to rebuild the displays again when finding it was inclined. AET creates a patented design of cabinet, in order to help engineerto adjust the gaps between each cabinet when building up the displays. This patented design allows the cabinet adjusted with X and Y direction. We call it adjustable structure design.

Not only the patented design, we also add a special connector in the cabinet. this kind of connector would allow us to make fine tuning of the module.  


Case of court


Case of TV studio


Case of iMira


AET hope we can do our best to avoid extra damage. The details could affect the efficiency and the cost. We will keep innovating and make the best for each fine pitch LED displays.


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